last update (June 22, 2019)

Payment Policy

We ask the money transfer in advance of the transffering the matter. Measuring the gross weight after packing and estimate the postages, we will prepare the whole amount debit before we bring them to the post office and report the amount. Please transfer according to the url we report.

Method of Transfer

  • Credit card ... we can confirm the receipt immediately after the customers take action so we post the packages on the next Friday and report.
  • Others (WUB, IPMO, Band to Bank transfer, etc) ... it takes a little longer time to confirm and we post the packages on the next Friday after we confirm the receipt of the matter.

Payment Method

About the matter please refer the separated page : money transfer procedure
If the estimated postage does not match the real price we carry over or deposit the difference to the next order in the future. In case of deposit if the customer does not have a will to make business again we will refund the amount.


  • Commission
    • objective : doujinshi, dolls, cds, and other stuffs getting through all routes without any exception.
    • rate : per each invoice (might be divided into plural boxes and/or envelopes delivery when the volume is so big).
Comission Table
Total Cost Amountunit priceRate
JPY 1 to 29,999JPY 1 to 499@250
JPY 500 or more50 %
JPY 30,000 or moreJPY 1 to 499@200
JPY 500 or more40 %


  • 5 @100 yen doujinshi & 3 @500 yen doujinshis (total cost = 2,000)
    • 5 * (@100 + @250) = 1,750
    • @500 * 3 = 1,500, 1500 * 1.5 = 2,250
    • 1,750 + 2,250 = 4,000 ... total
  • 10 @100 yen doujinshi & 30 @1,000 yen doujinshis (total cost = 31,000)
    • 10 * (@100 + @200) = 3,000
    • @1,000 * 30 = 30,000, 30,000 * 1.4 = 42,000
    • 3,000 + 42,000 = 42,500 ... total

Handling Charge Calculation

  • Domestic Handling ... Exact Amount which cost
    • In case of lager than A3 size ... packaging additional JPY100.- or more (case by case)
  • Foreign postage ... ditto
  • Plus 5% (correctly divided by 0.95) for the handling charge of packing and consumptions.


  • Domestic handling 600 yen
  • Foregin EMS 1,200 yen
  • Total ... 1,800 yen
  • 1,800 / 0.95 = 1,895

  • Domestic handling, international postage and/or any other consumptions are not objective of the comission.
  • Some events orders the transfer procedure is slightly different than usual.
  • Offset (how to pay) Pleaese refer the link page in precise.
    • credit cards (MASTER/VISA/JCB/DC/AMEX) (May 21, 2017)
    • Western Union Bank (February 7, 2011)
    • International Postal Money Order
    • International Bank to Bank transfer (April 20, 2013)
    • ... if you want to pay the other method please inquire.
    • Please note PayPal is NOT available. Sorry. (April 30, 2011)

International Postage Calculation

  • The international postage depends on their weight.
  • Before receiving the books (and/or other items) from the shop/auction/circles/events it is quite difficult to estimate.
  • If the customers insist to get the rough one I can report but they must be suspenseful.

There are some method of transfer each has the characters:

  • EMS ... The fastest and the most reliable still expensive. Usually size limit is 1.5 m length and the total (length + width + height) is 2.75 m or 3 m (depending on the countries), weight limit 30 kg. With tracking number. Taking around 5 days to reach.
  • Air ... Fast and sometimes faster than EMS (for not all packages examined by the customs). Price is cheaper than EMS. Taking one to two weeks to reach.
  • SAL ... Nonscheduled airlines. The cargo plane flights go and back every night but this package waits until the container becomes full. So it will take some two weeks or more to reach but cheaper than Air. Some countries do not accept SAL so please check here.
  • Courier ... Usually the price is more expensive than above all. But it can carry the larger things. So in case of the items is very large but weight is light, it is useful. Size and weight limit same as EMS. With tracking number. AIR, SAL & surface available.

Air and SAL can feature the tracking number option @410 which is strongly recommended preventing postal accidents.

Month-End Deposit

Every twenty-seond of the month I ask the customers to transfer the amount those who have a stock and not enough deposit. The customers who asked it, please take action immediately and send the amount asked by end of the month.

I used to owe the valeur of the stock with my own budget. When I started the business in 2010 it was not a problem. But nowadays the number of the customers are increasing and keeping stock value is out my control. So I decided to ask the customers to owe their own marchandise stock amount even before they receive.