Last Update : (2021/Mar/07)




About the Spell of Events

Events are more attractive because a lot of titles which we can not get at the doujinshi shops. There are many circles who do not ask the shop to distribute their works because of several reasons, which I do not know.

Instead recently many circles upload the part of works to pixiv a huge comic/novel writers' SNS in Japan. It features the language not only Japanese but English. Many information about the event they plan to join with the works, mainly the cover page.

Please re-consider the event proxy service once and contact. I will help as much as possible to find the suitable events and if possible, circles and works.

Event Schedule

some events calendar which will come soon. Please refer the event schedule page which will help to place order.

referring the procedure how to place order and/or how to find the circles you want to get at the event, too. Only some information though.

recommended events coming soon: TOKYO FES Mar.2021-day1- (2021/03/14 (Sun) @ 東京ビッグサイト)

Event Request Submitting Procedure

(April 22, 2016)

Request Format

  • Please download and use the order form.
  • All events (Oct 5, 2017).
  • Those who does not have a program of the EXCEL and/or compatible please use the plain text of the email.
  • If the event day & site is the same, please put all different events issues into one form. (Mar 8, 2016)

Dead Line

  • The first deadline to submit the request is four nights before the event day.
  • E.g. the event is on Sunday, the first deadline is Wednesday.
  • Once you submit the xls and/or text request, or even only the message that you will send the list in a few days and I accept it, you can add/edit/delete the list until event day morning.
  • I check the mail box and amend the necessary data if any before leaving home at the event day morning.

Autograph and/or Sketch Board

Some circles accept the autograph or sketch board at the event.

I accept to ask them with the condition below: still I do not assure the fixed result, just try to get but can not promise anything.

  • The circles which indicate they will accept it at their web pages in advance.
  • In the case please advise the url where they descripe the procedure about it. I will check it and prepare.
  • I will ask the extra charge according to each condition (from @500 yen ... no idea of the highest).
  • Some circles will keep the sketch board at the event and send back later. Please note.
  • I will bring a small chocorate and/or candy as a gift around @500 or @1,000. I will deibt it with the commission.
  • I decline it at the events: Comic Market, SCC and HCC (maybe more) for the event size to too big and too busy.
    • I will decide whether accepting or decline when the circles visiting will more than 50 or not.
    • When it is clear the number of the circles visiting more than 50 I decline it.
    • I will not change the action even if the number of the circles not reach 50.

Domestic Handling (Travelling & catalogue)

  • Generally it costs around 8,000 yen or more to go, back and catalogue fee.
  • I ask all the customers divided the amount by number of the customer.
  • Consequently more customers less charge.
  • To save this expense when the circles to visit less than 20, I use train i/o car. In the case the total domestic will around 4,000 yen (only the average: e.g. Makurari Messe will cost still @6,000 by train and more by car for the location is far side of Tokyo area). When the number of the customers are limited it might work a little.
  • In any case the charge per one customer is the same. It means the more order the less charge per title.
  • When I fail to get the title requested all, and no result, I do not ask the customer any domestic charge. Those for the first customer who deposit JPY 1,000 will be refund.


I irregularly ask the deposit just after the events : Comic Market (August and December), series of events at the so-called "Golden Week" (from end of April to beginning of May) and Comic City Spark.

Events at the "Golden-week":

  • Comic1
  • M3
  • Super Somic City (SCC)
  • Comitia
  • Reitaisai

Those events a huge amount of budged consumed and I can not manage it by myself. So I send the customers the result report and ask the deposit immediately, unless they rush to receive the current stock.

In case of sending the stock please contact not submitting the deposit. I will report the international postage estimation if necessasry and ask the final amount. Please submit it according to the date I ask in the report. I will send the items when I confirm the receipt of the amount.

(more than) two events a day

Basically I join the event which I receive the request at first. Then the next one, and the next one according to the receipt of the orders.

When the number of circles to visit is big (approximately the total circles more than 50) I might ask a helper. It is case by case.

Result Assuarance

I can not promise to achieve all the orders the customers placed, and/or special requests, (e.g. getting autographs of the writers, sketch boards, etc.) because of several limitations, i.e. number of purchasing staffs (mainly myself only, except the Comic Market, Super Comic City and some other big events.)