Sales Policy


  • No stocks having i.e. consignment, proxy service only I can supply
  • Doujinshi purchasing after receiving the order
  • The order must feature the title of the books (attached url which I can purchase is recommended)

Working Schedule

(updated on june 28, 2016)

  • hypenate this business with a part timer which limits the working hour.
  • from Monday to Thursday I leave home around 8:00 and come back home around 16:00 from the part timer. So the other time I can make business when I am awake.
  • On Friday afternoon I can fully do the business and post the packages.
  • On Saturday, Sunday and holidays I can fully do the business but the post office closes.
  • So when you submit some message please wait for the reply at least one night. I could reply timely but if receiving while I am out, the reply must delay.

(updated on September 10, 2016)

The second job impatcs much harder than my expect in the past which prevents to process this business smoothly.

It obliged me the minimum working in the week days but only the week end (Saturday and Sunday). So I change the business policy above now. The new policy as follows:

  • Basically I will respond the messages received only those which are urgent matter timely. Others I will reply them on Saturday and/or Sunday, or when I can manage the time.
  • I make the packages in the week end and send them on Tuesday and/or other days I can manage.
  • I may not report the debit note on the day of delivery but just on Saturday after I send the package, or on the day if possible but not sure.
  • Accordingly you have to wait for the reply when you send the message five nights in maximum. Please wait for the week end patiencely.