• Not only doujinshi but also any other stuffs acceptable. Please place order with the url which features.
  • Frequently asking to bid the yahoo auction, wellcome :) ... of course I can not promise the succuessful result beside the right column, featuring some auction links, please refer. Also the doujinshi shop links.

Circle Order

Accepting Circle direct mail order: ONLY THEY CLEARLY ACCEPT IT.

I do NOT inquire whether they make the mail order or not, asking a special order while they do not declare the mail order, etc.

Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

Please refer the rough image below. Please refer the official page as above link. There are some new information updated recently, ie. Lithium Batteries.

Explosive, Dangerousgunpowderfireworks, crackers, gun bullets
flammable liquidlighters' feed, paints, perfumes (alcohol more than 6.0 per cent).
high-arm-twisting gasfire extinguisher, aqualung, dustproof splay, handy inspissated oxygen, helium gas, gas stove for campings, cassette stove gas bomb, gas for refueling lighters
flammablematch, lighter
oxidizingagentdischarge (discolorize), dioxide, handy oxygenase
poisonchloroform, airing perspiration vermicide
bitingazoth, buttery
radioactiveplutonium, radium, uranium, cesium
narcoticnarcotics and psychomimetic
live animalslive animals

FAQ : "naughty" means "illegal". As far as selling and/or bidding on auctions open in Japan they are NOT the objective of "naughty" in this case :p (April 23, 2010)

Handling of the batteries

In case of using the dry-batteries which can be detach from the body, it is available, in the case the customers have to buy up the detached batteries by themselves. The goods featring build-in batteries are forbidden.

Please refer the graphics:
available type batteriesnot available type batteries
The left image indicates the type which we can transfer, the right image indicates we can not.

Scanning service

I decline the scanning service for several reasons.

Please refer : How to Create an E-book | Atiz Community Resources about the scanning if no idea.

Diary Archive

Please refer : diary archive if interested in.


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