Processing of Order

(July 10, 2016)

  1. Please contact you want to make business: with the information, shop url, circle url and/or event name with title if you have an idea.
  2. I check the url and reply if it is possible or not.
  3. If possible please submit the personal data to deliver. I will send the filling format.
    • At this moment, the first time user are requested to transfer JPY 1,000 depost in advance.
    • If you agree please open this page and buy the deposit after we agree the business.
    • This amount will be offset when I make the final amount debit.
    • If I fail to get the item and nothing to make business, I refund the amount.
  4. When I receive the personal data I update the database. I also place order to the shop/circle or update the visiting list of the event.
  5. Please wait and see. When I get the title from the shop, circle or event I will report the result.
  6. Please advise if you rush to get the books or keep stock for the time being. I can keep 60 days in maximum. In the case I may ask to transfer the deposit.
  7. In case of sending immedialtely I will report the international postage estimation. Please advise the suitable method.
  8. I will report the final amount. Please transfer via one way from the available method.
  9. When I confirm the receipt of the amount I send the package.

I can not promise to achieve all the orders the customers placed, and/or special requests, (e.g. getting autographs of the writers, sketch boards, etc.) because of several limitations, i.e. number of purchasing staffs (mainly myself only, except the Comic Market and Super Comic City.)

Please feel free to touch if you have any questions.