Claims & Accidents

Increasing of the postal accidents

Recently increasing the postal accidents. Strongly recommended to use the EMS or adopting the tracking number option.

  • In these three months we had three accidents at Austria, Canada and Philippines. (March, 2012)
  • Please remind again I can not take any action when the lost in delivery if no tracking number option.
  • Last year, in 2011, even one EMS on the way returning lost because the customer missed to advise the moving.
  • I can not owe any responsibility about the cases.
  • Please take as much effort as possible to receive the books safely.

Missed to report the move and ash sent the package to the old address

Please refer the post office web site : It is a case of recovering the package.

According to the condition it is possible to change the addressee. From my experience :

  • Air and/or SAL with tracking number
  • The package is within the central post office before sending to the Tokyo International Post office, from where they deliver the packagves abroad.
  • The cost will be same as above (@530)

Moving Notice

When you missed to advise the moving please let me know as soon as possible, especially in case I report you the package sent notice.