Money Transfer Procedure

Last Update: February 1, 2015

This page is intended to those who want to transfer the money to my shop.



credit card now available (VISA & MASTER) (February 1, 2015)

They are all the methods currently available. Please refer the list below which is not possible to achieve. I failed to make business acocount of the agents for several reasons:

  • PayPal ... Serious trouble with them in the past and they kicked me out. No chance to make business with them.
  • Payza
  • Moneybookers
  • Allied Wallet
  • moneygram (August 30, 2013)

Please advise if you want me to add any other methods which seems easy, safe and convenient. I will try and if succeeded I will update the list accordingly.

Credit Card

The cards available : VISA & MASTER.

The card company might decline your cards even VISA and/or MASTER because of the reason they do not open. In the case please select the other card or other method below.

You can select not only payment once or divided payment.

International Postal Money Order

Please check:

  • If your contry post office support the service.
  • If you can transfer JPY or local currency only.
  • If the post office will transfer the bill to my shop or you have to send the bill by yourself (e.g. USA and Taiwan).

For example US residents can use this service, available USD only, and you have to send me the bill by yourself.
You must purchse it at the post office, not banks. Please refer there are two kind of money orders: domestic and international
International Postal Money Order
We can accept it

Please fill up my name and address to the left side of the column, your name and address to the right side of the column.

CAUSTION : ANY missdescription would not be accepted. When you notice it please discuss with the rep. before sending me the matter. They will replace it with the new bill. If the wrong information and/or stroked-out, erased, amended information bill I receive I regretabbly send back to re-issue it.

Recently this mistake is increasing which causes unnecessary operation and delay of cash income. Please cooperate and take care as much as possible.

Domestic Postal Money Order

Below is a Bank check, which I can not accept. The handling to change cash will cost some 5,000 yen.

Banks Check
We CAN NOT ACCEPT(Oct. 19, 2012)

Some EU countries, i.e. France or Spain available JPY and the post office will send me the bill directly.


  • Please visit the post office.
  • Please fill up the application form.

If the post office will send me the bill it is all. If you have to send me the bill please use the air with tracking number.

Please advise when you finish the transfer.


Western Union Bank

  • Basically Money Wire Transfer Servicer.
  • They issue the check but we can not accept it.
  • Some countries they service the bank to bank transfer service. Please check.

Please check:

  • If the service is available in your country.


  • Online service is also available in some countries.
  • Transfer done by JPY.
  • Transfer handling charges required separately.
  • Please transfer to the JPY account in spite of using any currency. They exchange it to JPY when transfer. (April 1, 2014)


At the Office Transfer

  • The identification card required.
  • Please check if credit card available or needed cash.

Please visit their office (or agency) and fill up the application form.

  • Your first name
  • Middle name (if any)
  • Last name
  • address, country of birth, birthday, gender etc
  • amount to be transferred

Via Online Transfer

  • You have to register your profile in advance, which might take some days to complete
  • At the online registration the scanned identification card image required

Please input the information required.

  • Your first name (please read the "Please note:" section below in precise)
  • Last name
  • address, country of birth, birhday, gender etc
  • amount to be transferred

Send To (thier office)

Please do not use the shop name "ash doujinshi resale" which is only the nickname.

Transfer Advice

Please advise the information after making transfer:

------------ copy from -----------

  • 10 digits Code (they issue) :
  • Your First name :
  • Middle name (if any) : <--- ONLY THE CASE OF OFFICE TRANSFER
  • Last name :
  • Name of the country you placed the transfer :
  • JPY amount you placed the transfer :

----------- here -----------

Please note:

  • The information you advice must strictly match the one you input.
  • My name is in fact not very popular even in Japan. You may cause miss spelling which has been happening from time to time in the past. Please take special care when you fill up the name field.
  • If any discrepancy between the information betwen yours and mine they neither agree to pay the amount nor point out which information is incorrect. I will report it in the case and please check again. If necessary please (visit the office again and) amend the information in question.
  • In case of online transfer please do not input the middle name if possible. While the online form does not feature the field of the middle name, the paper application form which I have to fill up when receiving the amount has it which causes unnecessary troubles in the past.
  • I do not care whether you select direct or bank transfer. Please select as your convenience. Bank information features at the bottom of this page. (February 18, 2014)

Sent To (my bank account)

  • Name ... Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
  • Branch ... Higashitotsuka
  • City ... Yokohama
  • Type ... savings
  • Account Name ... Hiroshi NUKAZUKA
  • Account Nr. 1240120513



(December 22, 2013)

They declined to update the agreement.

Accordingly I cease to use the Payza. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


International Bank Transfer

(February 26, 2014)

It is usually more expensive handling charge than the other ways.

  • Sending Bank will charge some USD 15.00 or more (depending on the banks and customers are company or personal)
  • Receiving Bank cost now free when you transfer via USD, EUR, GBP or AUD. I opened those currency account which number is shown below.
  • In case of using this method please owe all the handling charge.
  • If you agree you can choose this way.
  • Please confirm before taking action how much handling charge will be necessary in advance asking the bank rep.
  • In case of the amount is big, it is now chepaer than the WUB. Please check.
  • Please check the account number is different for each currency.

You can see my receiving bank information below. (December 2, 2012)

Bank Account Information

(August 25, 2014)

  • Name ... Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
  • Branch ... Higashitotsuka
  • City ... Yokohama
  • Type ... savings
  • Account Name ... Hiroshi NUKAZUKA
  • Account Nr.
    • JPY ... 1240120513 ... ONLY for WUB transfer
    • USD ... 1240033562 ... ONLY for direct bank to bank transfer
    • EUR ... 1240033575 ... ditto
    • GBP ... 1240033588 ... ditto
    • AUD ... 1240033591 ... ditto
    • Others ... plase use USD or EUR instead (or suitable one other than JPY)

Please note in case of WUB bank transfer, please use the JPY account. They exchange the currency you used into JPY automatic. (April 1, 2014)

Please note in case of direct bank to bank transfer, please use other currencies than JPY. They skim some thousand JPY for their domestic handling. In case of the other currencies it is free. Please cooperate.